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Many people have the knowledge and skills to do their job, but how do they become high performers? How do organisations help them improve? We believe that to be truly successful, individuals need to develop their capabilities to become more effective at their job, and they also need to have an understanding of how to interact with colleagues to get the best out of each other and the ability to adapt to their surroundings.

Wingman provides the means to greater effectiveness and capability within the workplace by enhancing understanding and interaction between personnel, incorporating skills, relationships and situational awareness into its programmes and workshops. Wingman’s courses will give your team an understanding of themselves and their colleagues and the impact of their decisions and actions upon the organisation.

“We provide the answers to your questions”

We combine capabilities, relationship and situational awareness into all our programmes and workshops. These are:

  • Capabilities: For raising core workplace team and people management competencies
  • Relationships: For understanding one’s self and colleagues for improved team work
  • Situational awareness: For building awareness of what is happening around the person and to understand how information, decisions and their actions will impact on the organisation

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