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“We all thoroughly enjoyed the event, which was extremely inspiring, it made a refreshing change to attend an event on this type of subject given by someone who has lived and breathed it in completely different environments, and didn’t just learn it from books or a normal work environment. We all agreed that some of our senior management should be attending things like this, and not just us mere mortals. Please pass on our thanks to Rory for an excellent and ‘Fun’ afternoon.”
Delegate – High Performance Team Workshop

“Was all good.”
Delegate – High Performance Team Workshop

“Thought provoking and challenging – if only everyone had the same level of understanding, depth of perception and ability to use and communicate it life would then be much simpler.”
Delegate – High Performance Team Workshop

“‘Team of Champions’ or a ‘Champion Team’ – we need to decide!!!”
Delegate – Team Development Workshop

“The SDI analysis was extremely useful to understand and discuss the other team members’ results and what ‘pushes their buttons.'”
Delegate – Team Development Workshop

“Thanks for making the course as interesting as possible and your continued efforts to support me throughout which was greatly appreciated.
Delegate – ILM Programme

“I thought beforehand it would be very well received and it actually exceeded my expectations so my compliments to you for doing a great job.”
Manager – Team Development Workshop

“Thought provoking”, “Enjoyable”, “Challenging”, “Fun”, “Interactive”
The most popular comments from Delegates at High Performance Speeches

“Having just spoken to my Advisors they are all enthusing about the workshop and how extremely useful and positive they felt it was.”
HR Director

“We definitely worked more effectively as a management team due to this programme and the business benefited from this on the bottom line.”
General Manager

“The programme implemented by Wingman has had an immediate impact on the management of the site and the yearend figures.”
Regional Managing Director

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