The professional team at Wingman have a breadth and depth of knowledge and experience that enables organisations to deliver their strategy effectively.  Through effective collaboration with business leaders, we focus on aligning strategy, business priorities and cross-functional relationships in order to create and maintain the high performance environment that every business strives for in order to ‘fly higher and faster with less effort’.

With extensive strategic, tactical and operational experience from across business, sport and military leadership, Wingman has the skillset to enable sustainable business growth. We provide the strategic, tactical and operational support for your business and teams to develop, implement and inculcate your strategy throughout your business and deliver long-term development and resilience interventions to overcome business complexities and encourage cross-functional business synergies.

Our Focus

how you drive the people in your business in the right direction, ensuring that everyone understands how they fit in the bigger picture and that individual and team mindsets are aligned across your business

determining the ability of your workforce to deliver your strategy, ensuring effective collaboration within and between your teams and creating a synergistic mindset throughout the business

ensuring effective communication across the business to enable better decision-making, alignment and consistency throughout the business and creating an ethos of continuous improvement

“When business leaders tell me they are successful and that their companies are high performing because they are achieving and/or exceeding their targets, I ask them …

‘How do you know that your success is because of the people in your business, or in spite of them?’

Not one of them has been able to answer that question for me.”

Rory Underwood, Director


By really understanding your business and developing a strong relationship with you, we can help you navigate through the transitions of growth and create enduring success by releasing the full potential of your workforce