talkSPORT, Veterans Railcard, Rugby, RAF and Rory Underwood

Rory joined Jim White and Simon Jordan live on their talkSPORT show on Monday 15th November as part of their Veterans in Sport segment, in association with the Veterans Railcard.

The segment talks to veterans about their time in service and the impact it’s had on their lives and the journey into sport. Having spent 18 years in the RAF as well as playing Rugby from 1983 until 1998 Rory was well equipped as a guest in the studio.

As England’s all-time leading tri-scorer, having played for club and country there was a time in his careers where he did both, ‘My job was flying jets during the week and my hobby was playing rugby at the weekend’ Rory said when asked about the early days.

Rory spoke about training in both Rugby and the RAF with Jim saying, ‘No-one can say Rory Underwood under achieved in any way at all, you did what you set out to do….’

Following retirement from Rugby and his service in the RAF, Rory set up Wingman Ltd, a performance consultancy based in Nottinghamshire, in 2009 which helps businesses create high performing environments pulling on his experiences and knowledge from both of his careers. Jim asked Rory, ‘What Skillset did you developed by being a man who took on both responsibilities’  ‘Hand eye co-ordination, decision making…but without a doubt being part of a team.’ Rory replied.

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