The Risk & Security Management Forum Conference

The Risk & Security Management Forum (RSMF) is a mutually supportive network of security and risk professionals from academia, business and Government organisations who share their experiences opinions, information and influence across all public and private sectors.

The theme of the conference was on behavioural issues arising from organisational culture with a central strand being on shifting from a blame to a learning culture in the aftermath of an adverse impact event which is one of the areas Rory knows well.

Those attending the conference heard Rory speak about Human factors, high performance and organisational resilience pulling on his past in the RAF and playing as a team during his Rugby career.

Rick McConnell, member of The Risk and Security Management Forum said, “Rory’s contribution contribute was very insightful and helpful on the balance between process and behavioural analysis needed to transform organisational thinking about. His first-hand experience with CRM tempered a belief in some quarters that the aviation sector has the learning from failure process nailed down.”