As specialists in building high-performance environments, Rory Underwood and the Wingman team know what great teams can achieve and understand what it takes to build them.

Our mission is simple.  To make your business success inevitable, because of your people, not in spite of them.

We’ll partner with you, equip you with all the tailored solutions needed and support you every step of the way. After all, that’s what a good Wingman does.

We pride ourselves on the mutually beneficial nature of relationships and will work with you to ensure that the content of any Wingman intervention is specifically targeted and delivered to the level required to meet your needs.  The aim of any Wingman programme is to facilitate & enhance the knowledge, skills and behaviours within your business, whilst also challenging participants on the part they play within the business.


How much better could your business be if your staff were aligned and working in the same way?

Many people have the knowledge and skills to do their job, but how do they become high performers? How do organisations help them improve? We believe that to be truly successful, individuals need to develop their capabilities to become more effective at their job, and they also need to have an understanding of how to interact with colleagues to get the best out of each other and better adapt to their surroundings.

“Empower your people to grow your business”

Noun – a single person especially when compared
to a group to which it belongs

Wingman provides the means to greater effectiveness and capability within the workplace by enhancing understanding and interaction between personnel, incorporating skills, relationships and situational awareness into its solutions.  Wingman’s programmes will give your workforce an understanding of themselves and their colleagues and the impact of their decisions and actions upon the organisation.

Wingman workshops blend learning of basic theory and knowledge with facilitated action learning, practical learning exercises, personal reflection time and practical action planning that can be taken back into the workplace.


Effective teamwork is key for all organisations no matter the size or sector.  But do your teams really know what a team is and how they should work together to achieve their highest potential?

“The strength of the team is the individual,
the strength of the individual is the team”

Noun – a number of people who do
something together as a group

Team-building is not just about running around in the woods, it’s ensuring that your teams understand their purpose and then equipping them with the knowledge and skills to work at their best through better understanding of themselves and their team members, improving communication, building trust and improving collaboration.

Wingman team workshops blend learning of basic theory and knowledge with facilitated action learning, practical learning exercises, team reflection time and practical action planning that can be taken back into the workplace, all underpinned with team discussions to make sure that everyone in the team has a voice and is on the same page.


“When business leaders tell me they are successful and that their companies are high performing because they are achieving and/or exceeding their targets, I ask them….. ‘How do you know that your success is because of the people in your business working together or in spite of it?’

Not one of them has been able to answer that question for me.” – Rory Underwood MBE

What are you doing to create the right environment
where high performance is inevitable?

Noun – an organised group of people with a particular purpose, such as a business or government department

How much more could you do with your business if everything was running perfectly and all the people in your business were aligned with your strategy?  Do your people have the capability to work together to achieve success and are they working as effectively and efficiently as they could?

Using Wingman’s Performance Environment Model, we help you to create the ultimate high performance environment for your business by enhancing and connecting commercial and cultural ways of working.



By really understanding your business and developing a strong relationship with you, we can help you navigate through the transitions of growth and create enduring success by releasing the full potential of your workforce