‘Improving the Branch Customer Experience’ with Wolseley

Wingman are happy to announce the pilot we ran earlier this year for Wolseley Building Services (WBS) has been given the green light to go ahead across all 60 WBS branches.

Prior to the pilot running Wingman visited several of the branches speaking with the Branch Manager and Branch Colleagues about the current issues, best practices, and knowledge to name just a few areas. Wingman also organised a 4-day Roadshow encouraging Branch Managers and General Managers to attend and speak with us. By undertaking these two activities prior to the pilot we made sure we understood any current and previous issues in a range of areas and built the programme around what the business asked for but also the Branch Managers and Branch Colleagues.

Interactive feedback from two fully engaged pilot group has led to the successful creation of an engaging and fulfilling development programme.

Following the two successful pilot groups with a mixture of Branch Colleagues from across the four WBS regions, the programme was launched earlier this month and will enable branch colleagues to share their experiences, discuss and confirm best practise behaviours, expand their knowledge and network, all with the intention of taking this back to the workplace.

The Wolseley Branch Customer Experience programme sees Wingman work across WBS branches helping all the branches have joined up thinking and be one team.