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Wingman is a team development consultancy built on the high performance experience of Rory Underwood’s international rugby and fast jet flying careers.

Wingman develops the performance of individuals and teams, enhancing the dynamics between teams within organisations.

Wingman provides a suite of development workshops and programmes that can be tailored to your specific requirements.

“We ask questions and provide solutions”

Long term relationships are the key. By working with you, Wingman can identify the issues and plan a programme to ensure the long term sustainability of your business.
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“We provide the answers to your questions”

People need to develop their skills to be more effective at work. They also need to be able to interact with colleagues to get the best out of each other and their surroundings.
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“We ask the right questions, you produce the answers”

We listen to you and then frame the right questions to tease out the best answers from your personnel. We use years of experience to help companies find their own solutions.
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