Welcome to Wingman, your strategic partner for achieving organisational excellence. Founded by visionary Director Rory Underwood, Wingman is more than a consultancy – it’s a catalyst for transformative success. With over a decade of dedicated leadership, Rory brings a wealth of experience from his dynamic journey as a fast jet pilot in the Royal Air Force and an illustrious rugby career representing England.

At Wingman, we understand that a clear strategy is the cornerstone of success. Our LIFT model, emphasising Purpose, People, and Process, ensures that every action aligns with your organisational objectives. Rory’s inspirational journey and insights into high-performance teams underscore the core values that drive Wingman.

Wingman is your partner on a transformative journey, where strategic clarity meets purpose, and leadership propels your organisation to extraordinary success. Contact us today to explore how our strategic consultancy and tailored programmes can elevate your organisation’s potential and drive sustained success.


Leadership Team

Rory Underwood, MBE DL
Rory Underwood, MBE DLDirector
Rory Underwood, the dynamic Founder and CEO of Wingman, brings over a decade of dedicated leadership that has propelled the consultancy to unprecedented heights. With an illustrious background as a fast jet pilot in the Royal Air Force, Rory’s 18 years of military experience shape Wingman’s strategic consultancy approach. His impressive 12-year tenure representing England in rugby, coupled with his inspirational journey, positions him as a captivating events speaker. Beyond his role as CEO, Rory’s unwavering commitment to excellence continues to drive Wingman’s success, making him a visionary force guiding both the consultancy and its clients toward boundless possibilities.
Jane McClelland
Jane McClellandOperations Manager
With over a decade of experience in Business Administration and Operations, Jane serves as the Operations Manager at Wingman. Over the past 10 years, she has played a pivotal role in organising and coordinating the activities of Wingman, significantly contributing to the consultancy’s success. Jane is the primary point of contact for valued clients, ensuring that every interaction is characterised by excellence and tailored solutions. Beyond client engagement, Jane oversees all client programmes, ensuring they align seamlessly with clients’ unique needs and objectives. Her keen eye for detail and dedication to quality makes certain that Wingman’s services consistently exceed expectations.

Delivery Team

Dave Moss
Dave MossDevelopment Consultant
With over 30 years’ experience as a trainer, first within the military and, since 2003, in the corporate world, Dave has lived and worked in the UK, Europe and the Middle East. At Wingman from the start, he has a passion for creating and delivering management and leadership programmes for clients large and small.

Dave is a graduate of the London School of Economics (LSE) and a former RAF fast-jet navigator. He’s an approved trainer for the Institute of Leadership & Management (ILM), a qualified vocational skills assessor and is accredited to deliver a multitude of different licensed development tools. Dave likes nothing better than to be out front and leading a session in which people develop skills and capability, and as well as delivering for Wingman, in his spare time he is an expedition supervisor and assessor for young people on the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Scheme.

James Clegg
James CleggConsultant
James is a dynamic and seasoned professional, excelling as a trainer, presenter, facilitator, and coach. With an impressive business background, he has accumulated invaluable expertise through collaboration with numerous high-profile organizations across the UK and Europe.

James is not only recognized as a Chartered Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development but also maintains strong connections with Leeds Metropolitan University. His contributions extend to working closely with academics in the realms of HR, Leadership & Management Development, and People Engagement.

Kristian Ramsier
Kristian RamsierConsultant
Kristian excels in optimising sales functions, strategies, and structures to propel companies to their full potential. With a diverse background, he brings extensive expertise across various industries, collaborating with both multinational corporations and bespoke digital agencies.

Kristian’s strategic insights align sales functions with broader business goals, consistently yielding remarkable results. His adaptability ensures effective contributions to businesses of all sizes. Through tailored approaches, he facilitates transformative journeys, fostering heightened sales performance and sustainable growth for the companies he partners with.

Operations Team

Becca Underwood
Becca UnderwoodMedia & Technology Co-Ordinator
Becca is our Media & Technology Co-Ordinator and brings a wealth of creative expertise to the team. With a diverse background in videography, photography, video editing, and social media, Becca is a true asset to the consultancy. She shoulders the responsibility of curating and crafting all media and communication collateral, empowering Wingman to elevate its visual identity and communicate strategies in compelling and innovative ways. Becca’s passion for visual storytelling, combined with her technical prowess, ensures that Wingman remains at the cutting edge of the industry, providing clients with visually captivating experiences.
Emma Weighill
Emma WeighillBusiness Development Co-Ordinator
Emma serves as the Business Development Co-Ordinator at Wingman and is an invaluable member of the team. Specialising in building strong client relationships and creating exceptional experiences, her commitment to understanding our clients’ needs and delivering tailored solutions is second to none. Emma is the go-to person for ensuring that our clients’ expectations are not only met but consistently exceeded. Her keen eye for detail, passion for organisation and dedication to excellence aligns seamlessly with Wingman’s mission, contributing to the consultancy’s success in delivering outstanding service to clients.


At Wingman, we are firm believers in the power of collaboration as the foundation for achieving excellence. Our commitment to deeply understanding your business and fostering a robust partnership is our driving force. With this dedication, we aim to assist you in navigating the intricacies of growth, harnessing the full potential of your strategy, and overcoming challenges. Together, we’ll pave the path to enduring success in the ever-evolving business landscape.