Flying High With RIAT

July 23rd, 2019|Events, Wingman News|

Director of Wingman, Rory Underwood, was invited to talk at this year's Royal International Air Tattoo Business Club in July. Throughout Rory’s record-breaking rugby career, he amassed 3000 hours flying as a pilot in his [...]

Building a Living Legacy

July 20th, 2019|Business, Events, Wingman News|

  Wingman’s Director, Rory Underwood, teamed up with Founder & CEO of EvolutionCBS, Rob Goddard, and serial investor and acquirer Philip de Lisle, to form a panel in London in July 2019 for a unique [...]

10 Years of Wingman

April 10th, 2019|Business, Wingman News|

Staff past and present came together on Thursday 4th April to celebrate 10 years of Wingman. Set up and run by ex-international and Lions rugby player Rory Underwood, Rory has amased 35+ years not only [...]


Willow Foundation Rugby World Cup Preview Dinner

12th September 2019

Q&A with legends of the game – Rory will be one of many Rugby legends at the event hosted by the Willow Foundation, answering questions about Rugby.

St James’ Palace Private Evening, The Portland Collection

24th September 2019

Speaking at this private event Rory’s speech includes his Rugby and flying career as well as his unprecedented view and understanding of teams and high performing environments.

Opening of Sports Facilities, New College Leicester

27th September 2019

With many ties to the city of Leicester, Rory is looking forward to opening the new sporting facilities at New College Leicester.

Molson Management Meeting

6th October 2019

As the guest speaker for Molson’s Management meeting Rory will be touching on his past Rugby and RAF careers as well as the importance of relationships, teamwork and empowerment.

EQ Connects Conference

15th October 2019

Those attending the conference will hear Rory speak about his ideas, theories and experiences from the Rugby, RAF and business worlds giving those in attendance much to think about.

The Risk & Security Management Forum Conference

30th-31st October 2019

With the seminars theme being ‘Behavioural issues arising from organisational culture’ Rory will talk to the room about his experiences on this from the Rugby, RAF and business sectors.

LIBS Connect Networking Event

5th November 2019

With Rory’s background in the RAF and now working with SMEs Lincoln International Business School have invited Rory to speak about his previous and current careers and experiences.

BITA Networking Lunch

8th November 2019

As the keynote speaker for the event Rory will engage the audience will anecdotes of his flying and Rugby career and how he has ended up working with SMEs building high performance environments.

The Private Office Event

27th November 2019

Delivering a keynote speech to 150 people from the Professional Introducer community, on behalf of The Private Office, Rory will capture the audience’s attention through stories of his diverse, high speed career.

Rugby Sevens & Dubai

4th-8th December 2019

Rory will be attending the event for a personal appearance with a meet and greet, answering questions from guests on his Rugby career as well as giving his opinion on the game today.


Get in the right headspace

Richard Branson – August 2019

It can be tricky to wind down your brain after finishing a hectic day’s work, especially for our pilots and cabin crew who cross time zones for a living.

I was thrilled to see Virgin Atlantic announce their latest in-flight offering in partnership with Headspace. Since we first added …

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Saturday’s child works hard for a living

CIPD – June 2019

In this blog we ask, who works at the weekend?

1 in 5 of us that work, do so on the weekend but this proportion differs markedly by various characteristics. Most important is the type of job someone does, which is closely related to the industry …

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Top 10 quotes to challenge the way you think

Richard Branson – June 2019

It’s more important than ever to keep an open mind and challenge our perceptions, opinions and – often subconscious – biases. I always try to remember that all of our thoughts and choices are shaped by our own experiences, emotions and surroundings.

It’s important to keep this in mind if we want to keep improving ourselves and engage in healthy conversations …

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How to delegate

Richard Branson – May 2019

I often talk about the importance of delegating when it comes to expanding and diversifying your business. It’s also a crucial leadership skill and it allows you to find better work-life balance. Recently, a 19-year-old entrepreneur reached out to me and asked for more detailed advice on delegation …

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Curating positive leadership skills

ILM – May 2018

Why is it that a positive and successful company culture can be so elusive and hard to achieve? How do some organisations get it so right, and others get it so wrong?

While there are many factors involved in building a productive, effective and happy workforce – including pay, benefits, …

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