We hope you enjoyed listening to our Director, Rory Underwood talk about Team Working the Rory Underwood Way

Hopefully you found the talk interesting and engaging and were able to take away useful information to help your business whatever stage of growth it may be at.

Below are copies of the slides and details of an introductory scoping offer if you would like us to work directly with you and your business.

How to Recruit, Retain and Motivate Conference


Please click the link opposite to download a copy of the slides.


The Performance Environment Model (PEM) provides structure to the way you look at your business.  The Model is split into three main pillars, each with four Team Dynamics, which puts a team focus on the individual, organisation and culture of your business.


The Purpose Pillar focusses on how you drive the people in your business in the right direction, ensuring that all parts of your business understand how they fit in the bigger picture and that individual and team mindsets are aligned across your business.


The People Pillar looks at determining the ability of your workforce to deliver your strategy, ensures effective collaboration within and between your teams and creates a synergistic mindset throughout the business.


The Process Pillar ensures effective communication across the business to enable better decision making, ensures alignment and consistency throughout the business and creates an ethos of continuous improvement.


To say thank you for supporting the conference, we’d like to offer you a 25% discount on an Introductory Scoping Session with your senior team, facilitated by Rory Underwood.


Using the Performance Environment diagnostic tool, we will establish the level of understanding, implementation and quality of the Performance Environment within your business, focussing on both the commercial and cultural ways of working.

This Scoping Intervention includes three separate interventions:

  • a 1-hour pre-call to understand your business and discuss current challenges
  • a 3.5 hour scoping session with the senior Leadership Team (LT) of your business.  This will provide a valuable snapshot of the business and will provide a benchmark for its current state and identify where there may be areas for development and improvement.
  • a 2-hour reporting session to the Leadership Team, where recommendations will be presented and the findings and next steps can be discussed and analysed


Detail Cost
     Consultancy Fees:

  • a 1-hour pre-call
  • a 3.5 hour scoping session
  • a 2-hour reporting session
      25% LIFT Discount -£657
      Total Consultancy Fees* £1,968

*Terms and Conditions apply (see below)

To book your introductory scoping session, please get in touch at laura@wingmanltd.com
quoting ‘How to Recruit, Retain and Motivate Conference’ in the subject line.

We look forward to working with you!


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