Viper Innovations Celebrate 15 Years of Business

Wingman were back with the Viper team, but this time in the beautiful setting of The Aldwick Estate for their company conference to celebrate employees from both the Aberdeen and Portishead offices and their 15th year in business.

To start the day, Viper’s Managing Director Edward Davies welcomed everyone and thanked them for their time, commitment and support since he joined the business 2020. Wingman’s Rory Underwood then led a Q&A with Neil Douglas and Max Nodder, Viper Founders and co-Directors to give everyone in the room a solid understanding of where the company started and their vision for the future.

Everyone was then split into their function areas, some having been in the business for years whereas for one attendee being her first day, to discuss how their function fitted and contributed to the businesses vision. Discussing each function’s priorities and challenges and sharing these gave everyone in the room a true understanding of what others do and experience in making the business what it is today.

Following lunch, the Wingman team facilitated a ‘Marketplace’ activity challenging each function to commit to a ‘quick win’ action to help each of the other functions.

Wingman then split the group into cross functional teams to complete in a multi-level Crystal Maze activity, with challenges such as building the tallest spaghetti tower and moving objects across a course in the quickest time possible.

Commenting on the day, Edward Davies, Managing Director said, ‘Our intent is to build on our investment in our people, engaging them more within the wider business and ensuring that development focuses on them being the best they can be whilst they are with us and then beyond.

‘Wingman have been a great ‘wingman’ in helping the whole business come together for the first time ever and facilitating the day so we as individuals, teams and a business as a whole can engage with one another, understand others priorities and challenges but most importantly how we as a whole team can build Viper to actively disrupt the market we are in now and in the future.’