Viper Innovations Team Alignment Residential Event

Wingman were back down in Wales, this time putting Viper Innovations through their paces, for another Team Alignments Residential Event.

Vipers Innovations provides electrical monitoring and asset integrity solutions for global industries including subsea and rail and will be celebrating their 15th anniversary at the end of the month. The Viper team are the smallest team Wingman have taken on a Residential but what they lacked in numbers they certainly made up for with enthusiasm, team spirt and a little cheating!

Our Team Alignment Residential Events are built around giving your team the time and space to concentrate solely on examining and improving the internal dynamics of your group through a series of fun, interactive and dynamic challenges and ‘classroom-based’ sessions to re-evaluate how they perform as a group and learn new strategies for success.

The final day of the programme looks at everyone as individuals, looking back at what they have learnt, experienced and discussed the two days prior. Being able to work with the sole purpose of strengthening relationships, increase levels of engagement and creating aligned thinking and greater team dynamics are all outcomes the Viper team said they learnt and are taking back into the business.

Edward Davies, Managing Director of Viper Innovations said, “Viper is first and foremost about its people. They create the technology, iterate and sustain it, sell it, install it and manage our customer relationships. Viper’s ongoing success is dependent on us continuing to have great people who are brought into the Viper journey and demonstrate our “Viper Behaviours’ Model” which is part of ensuring that we are a high performance team as a whole and in our constituent parts. Our intent is to build on our investment in our people, engaging them more within the wider business and ensuring that development focuses on them being the best they can be whilst they are with us and then beyond.”

If you’d like to learn more about our Team Alignment Residential Event and how they could benefit your team, please get in touch.