RAFA Outreach 2022

Rory had the pleasure of being invited to the Royal Air Force Association Founders Day Outreach initiative at the Leicester Headquarters earlier this month.

The initiative aims to help fight loneliness with friendship and create a resilient, empowered and connected RAF Community. The aim of this years Founders Day was to connect with 5000 people within the RAF Community, that could be veterans, families of those who are currently serving or those that have lost someone from the RAF Community.

During his visit Rory made several calls to members of the community as well as meeting Margaret who served as a WRAF, a Communications Operator, between 1941-1945. He also had the pleasure of sitting with Margaret, Jack, a Wireless Operator Bomber Command who served between 1943-1947, and Mark, Ground Communication who served between 1956-74, for a cup of tea, biscuits, and a chat.

As an ex-RAF pilot Rory said, “Being invited to such a day is always a privilege and so humbling but to get the opportunity to speak with others who have served, both over the phone and in person, is something I will never take for granted. If you are able to help in anyway, be it donating your time or money please go to https://connectionsforlife.rafa.org.uk/