InvestSK Breakfast Meeting (Bourne)

As a local business in Lincolnshire Wingman were honoured to be asked to speak at the Bourne Business Breakfast meeting where 80+ other local businesses will be in attendance.

Rory spoke to the audience of local businesses how he applies the skills and experience gained from his pilot and rugby careers to the business world and how cultural and commercial assumptions often made by CEOs can stop their business from growing.

There were also presentations from Cllr Kelham Cooke, Chairman of InvestSK and Leader of South Kesteven District Council, as well as InvestSK’s CEO, Steve Bowyer, who provided an update on InvestSK’s work to grow South Kesteven’s economy, and Claire Saberton from Love Bourne.

InvestSK run the business breakfast meetings quarterly in different locations throughout South Kesteven offering local businesses the opportunity to hear the latest news and economic insight from across the district and to network with other firms.

Steve Bowyer, CEO of InvestSK, South Kesteven’s economic growth and regeneration company, said: “Our Breakfast events are a great place to make new connections and find out what’s happening in South Kesteven – and most importantly, generate new business opportunities.

“We’re delighted that Rory, a local business leader in his own right, agreed to speak at our event in Bourne. I think I speak for everyone in the room when I say we all thoroughly enjoyed listening to Rory and could connect in one way or another from the incredible experiences and skills gained from his flying, rugby and business careers.”

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