Menopause in the workplace is a hot topic right now.

Wingman, have today, joined a growing number of companies in the UK who have a menopause policy.

That number of companies with a menopause policy is not as high as you may think though. An article published in April/May 2022 People Management magazine reported 72% of 1,025 HR professionals (a YouGov poll) do not currently have a menopause policy in place. The poll commissioned by Irwin Mitchell also found that 44% hadn’t even thought about implementing such policy and 15% didn’t consider the policy to be priority.

Lea Dean, HR Lead at Wingman, said “ This is too important to not be included in our wellbeing policy for our people – businesses are losing brilliant people through lack of understanding and awareness. Taking the time to get these things right is morally and ethically the right thing to do – being able to discuss and support our people through the menopause and its symptoms should not be a taboo subject for closed minds and business.”

Wingman’s policy doesn’t just cover those living with menopause but also those that support anyone going through this change at whatever age.

There is and has been in recent months, lots of talk about menopause with Davina McCall and Channel 4 pushing out a new documentary next month, ‘The Menopause Brain Drain’, following on from the successful documentary ‘Davina McCall: Sex, Myths and the Menopause‘ which aired last year.

There is a huge amount of support out there for anyone to educate themselves on menopause, understand the symptoms and side effects and so much more. Some websites include: