The inaugural meeting of the Stamford Business Club.

The inaugural meeting of the Stamford Business Club at William Cecil in Stamford took place last week where our Director was invited to be the first guest speaker of the Club.

Rory spoke about the challenges of growing your business after the pandemic, lessons he’s learnt over his 20+ years in business and how his time in the skies and on the pitch have helped him mould Wingman in to what it is today.

Ben McCarthy, Founding Partner at LionbridgePR said, ‘It’s the first time Stamford has had such a business forum and so there is a huge appetite for this from local business owners who will make up the audience.’

The event was attended by 50+ people from local businesses who asked some great questions of Rory during the Q&A as well as getting to know other businesses.

If you’d like to find out more about how Wingman can help your business ‘fly higher and faster with less effort’ please get in touch or if you’d like Rory to be a guest speaker at your event click here.