The Private Office Drinks Party

Having worked with The Private Office (TPO) in the past Rory was delighted to be invited as keynote speaker at their event held at No.3 at Smiths of Smithfield in London.

150 people of whom TPO do business with were invited to the evening drinks to network and listen to not only Rory but Quentin Holland, Partner at TPO, Nigel Yeo, Director of Advice and Matthew Cole, Adviser.

Rory captured the audience’s attention through stories of his diverse, high speed careers both from the RAF and Rugby and of course the evening couldn’t have passed with questions about this year’s Rugby World Cup.

Lucie Thornton, HR Director at TPO said, “Rory is always a very well received guest at any of our events as his talks are always very captivating, pulling on his previous careers and giving great advice to the businesses in attendance.”