Do you know…

There are so many different types of statistics flying around these days, and not just for business. From the average hours worked by someone working from home to staff turnover since the pandemic started and even how many offices have an office dog!

Seriously though, statistics have their place and can make a business really sit up and think about if a certain statistic is relevant to them and their business.

Over the next 12 months I shall be sharing with you 12 statistics, one a month, that I feel are relevant to the industry Wingman are in. These statistics will hopefully make you think, bring to light matters that you have maybe been pondering for some time and hopefully give you that nudge to do something about it.

I’ll be sharing my thought’s and experiences related to each statistic, asking for your thoughts and comments to help others and shed light on possible solutions.


January 2022

Do you agree with this number? Do you think if you surveyed your teams the number would be lower?

Those who have heard me speak will know I have asked the following question for many years… ‘How many of you here believe that the teams in your business are performing to the best of their ability?’ Some businesses think you can throw a bunch of people together and they automatically become a team. A team needs time to get to know each other, time to understand others strengths and weaknesses, time to become a team.

If the teams within your business work together because they want to rather than being pushed together how much higher would productivity be?


February 2022

There’s communication, then there’s effective communication.

Sending an email may be the easy option, but in today’s businesses effective communication takes a little more effort.

I went into a business, several years ago, where there were two teams, who if they had been communicating effectively would have saved themselves, and the business, time and money:

  • Team One was tasked with creating a monthly report for Team Two.  They downloaded the report and then spent time converting it to a different format to send across to Team Two.
  • Team two received the report and then spent time converting it to the format that they actually needed.
  • This had been going on for years.
  • In a Wingman workshop, we got the two teams together to discuss how they could help each other be more efficient and effective.  Team Two asked Team One if they could produce the report in the format they actually needed.
  • As it turns out, that format was the same as the originally downloaded format all along but neither side knew.

If the two teams had been communicating effectively from the beginning, they would have realised sooner and all that time, effort and cost could have been saved for the team and the business overall.

Just because something has been done a certain way in the past, doesn’t mean it is the most effective way now.

How often to your teams get together to discuss HOW they work together and what they need from each other, not just what they are working on?


March 2022

Technology is ever evolving and when we think back just 15-20 years and how much has changed in the technology world, we realise how heavily we rely on it.

For me, as I’m sure the case is for many of you, my phone holds everything I could possibly need to contact someone (email, phone, text, video), to remember where I am supposed to be and when (calendar, reminders, maps), connect with people on social media (LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram), record memories (camera, video, calendar and notes) as well as much more like shopping, catching up on the news and monitoring my fitness.

If my phone were to vanish, I’m not sure how I’d feel, maybe relief for a day or two, but then not being able to instantly look something up, call a colleague to run through an idea I’ve just had or check where my next meeting was would become increasingly frustrating and impact on my business and those within it.

Are you one of the 83% who rely on technology to collaborate? What ways do you/your team use to collaborate?


April 2022 – COMING SOON!